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"On the verge of celebrating his Bar Mitzvah, mentally challenged 18-year-old Mark Puddington is buoyed by the constant, loving and unstinting support of his devoted mother, even as she worries about what he'll do when she's gone. An unsentimental look at the disabled, MAYOR OF THE WEST SIDE, which is Mark's nickname in the neighborhood, asks whether there is such a thing as too much love and what happens when someone is pushed to finally make it on his own. Against the backdrop of his exceptionally moving religious ceremony, Mark's family, including his father and brother, express their own concerns about his uncertain future. Sad and inspiring in equal measure, MAYOR OF THE WEST SIDE is a remarkable portrait of an unforgettable character." - Boxoffice Magazine


From two-time Emmy-nominated director Judd Ehrlich comes this acclaimed PBS documentary, featuring an original score by Grammy-nominated guitarist Gary Lucas.

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